impulsive decisions: a success story

time line of my morning at work
8:40 – arrive at work
8:45 – show co-worker how to print an excel spreadsheet
8:50 – alone in the office
8:51 – get on gchat
8:54 – meagan says “you should come to denver the weekend of october 30th …i’m not kidding even a little bit…”
9:00 – looking a flights
9:10 – booked flight to denver
9:10-9:20 – general celebration via gchat with meagan and holly
10:00 – boss walks in and I have to ask for two days off, even though i’ve already purchased a flight. I speak quickly enough that I think I confuse him into agreeing to this.
10:05 – more celebration including an e-mail chain of pictures showing what our faces look like when we think about denver


Every working girl worth her weight in paper clips and legal pads needs a good girls weekend every now and then and I can’t think of anything that could possibly beat one that will include climbing mountains (i’m clearly bringing my 2005 kanakuk colorado backpacking award winner medal. duh.), halloween, a birthday party for a girl I don’t know but judging by the description of her party is definitely awesome, sleeping on this girl’s couch, and hanging out with these girls before they leave for Africa!

(fact: this is the only picture I have of all 3 of us, can we please change that this weekend?)

See y’all out west!



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2 responses to “impulsive decisions: a success story

  1. Uh, awesome.
    I love reading about your job, I kinda wish I worked there. Kind of.

    Say hi to my parents for me. (Not really, but seriously).

  2. the only picture we have? is that for real? totally ridiculous. we are going to have about a thousand after this. and we are going to be wearing a lot of sequins in a lot of those pictures.

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