anthro life.

If you need me for the rest of the day, I’ll be sitting in front of my computer drooling over this

Anthropologie, you know me so well.
You know that when I see a dress in your store I don’t just think “wow that’s a pretty dress” instead I think “wow thats is a dress I could wear while I browsed the farmers market on a Saturday morning or perhaps while I was perusing a Parisian flea market which we all know I am wont to do on occasion. Yes, I think I will buy this dress, this dress understands me and my values.”
Yes, I was an advertising major and yes I know what they are doing to me through their carefully curated marketing and yes I will continue to sit here right staring at my computer and eating out of the palm of their hand.


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  1. oh my. they’ve got me hooked, too. love love love it!

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