you’ve got mail

{if you’re not part of my family, maybe you won’t find this as funny as I do}

I’ve been getting a lot of packages since moving into my new place. I’ve been justifying it under the guise that you need new things when you move, like a new duvet, and a printer…and floral rainboots. Okay, so maybe i’m slightly addicted to online shopping, you would be too if you had amazon prime free shipping!
Anyway, I wasn’t too surprised when my roommate mentioned I had gotten something in the mail. I hadn’t remembered ordering anything but these days, who knows. Upon seeing the package, however, I was quite positive I did not order it.

This is how it it came wrapped, complete with a Raleigh address I didn’t know. Needless to say, I was starting to get a little uncomfortable. Even more so when I pull out the creepy clown and found out it did this:

By this point, my roommate and I are both sort of jumping uncomfortably around the kitchen. All the plausible options are running through my head, my parents have been known to send me some weird gifts, but demonic clowns have never made the list, plus my mom is too good at wrapping presents to mail something like this. Finally I get around to reading the card, which was folded in half and stuffed into the box (an old walnut container from the fresh market) and lo and behold its a “present” (I guess this is the best word for it) from my Uncle Hunter who is moonlighting at a Halloween store and thought that I would enjoy a terrifying clown toy. Aside from a gift card to Best Buy for Christmas every year my Uncle Hunter has never sent me a gift in my life. I cannot fathom what possessed him to send this, but it gave me a good laugh (and scare)
How does one decorate with a scary laughing clown? Thoughts?



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  1. Stick it outside on Halloween, scare away the kids and eat all the candy yourself. Just a thought…..

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