“my real goal in life is just to have a porch that I love”

I met my friend  Sydney because we were in the same French class my freshman year of high school but because there were two Emily’s in the class (story of my life) I had to have a French name so she spent most of that year thinking my name was Madeleine. Eventually, we worked that out and she invited me over to her house which I liked because it was old and she had a claw foot tub in her bathroom. She’s equal parts hilarious and thoughtful and I wish on a daily basis she lived in Columbia because I know she’d love Uprise, Ragtag, and the Katy Trail more than just about anyone. Now she works at a publishing company in Athens and sits on her computer under fluorescent lights sometimes doing work but mostly sitting on gchat. Sound familiar? Chatting with her is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the workday, I’ll spare you most of it because it mainly involves a lot of counting down how much longer until 5:00 (shes on eastern time which I find entirely unfair.) but you’ve got to admit, there are some gems here.

on where I live:
“you’re still in Columbia? I thought you moved to fake Kansas.”

on dealing with annoying people at work:
“here’s an email i just received from an author ‘No problem. I have a million things going on, so it’s not like I was sitting here waiting on you..’ seriously?”

on twitter:
sydney: i know two people who use twitter
me: thats so weird, everyone I know uses twitter
sydney: yeah but you also have no ocean
me: a valid, though not totally relevant point.

enjoying our new computers the summer after we graduated high school. foreshadowing?

on language:
sydney: i just tried to use the word minimalize
me: did you succeed?
sydney: no, it’s not a word.
me: seriously? I feel like it should be.
sydney: i know. i was there too, i was there too.

on snacking at the office:
sydney: i’m eating a kashi bar just cause i want the chocolate inside
me: thats totally normal

hilarious, right?  if you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy you know every girl needs an irreverent friend to offer hilarious running commentary of life. I feel like I might fill this position in the lives of several people, so it’s nice to have someone around to do it for me. to her credit, a lot of times Sydney says really thoughtful things, like this, which inspired me to write this post in the first place.

on dream jobs:
me: whats your dream job?
sydney: I dont know. i’m definitely re-evaluating my current track. you?
me: my actual dream job is to be a writer, my realistic dream job is to be a counselor
sydney: my dream job might be a writer, too.
(insert discussion of how poor writers are.)
sydney: my real goal in life is to just have a porch i love.

I’ll leave you today with dreams of sitting on the perfect front porch, drinking tea, and reading something wonderful as the sun sets on this beautiful fall day.



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3 responses to ““my real goal in life is just to have a porch that I love”

  1. dear syd, call me.
    dear em, have syd call me.

  2. Hey! That’s my dream. 🙂

    I’m enjoying reading about your new life here and on Twitter. If you haven’t heard, I’ve got a new place too. It’s http://www.peripheralperceptions.org. The back story is on my .com site. Cya soon!

  3. your realistic dream job is a counselor?? head this way sista, and join me in grad school! 🙂

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