here lies dobby, a free elf.

There I was tonight, wrapped in blankets in the makeshift fort I’d constructed next to my bed. I always have loved tiny cozy places, like say, a cupboard under the stairs. I had my winter candle burning and a fresh cup of tea along with a plate full of sweet potato fries I’d made for dinner. Outside it was cold and rainy and Sufjan’s Christmas album was playing softly over my speakers as I curled up with the massive tome that is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’ve been attached to the book for two days now, either by audio book as I file things at the office or in my cozy fort until my eyes become to heavy to continue. I’m always surprised at how quickly the strange vocabulary of the wizarding world makes it’s way into my daily thoughts. Like today when I thought “accio phone!” as I searched for it in my purse.  Of course, i’ve read it before but not since it first came out so I thought I should brush up before Friday.

Oh, it’s like reuniting with old friends. I still got goosebumps when Kinglsey’s patronus interupts the wedding saying “the ministry has fallen, scrimgeour is dead, they are coming” and remembered my own horror at reading that sentence on my porch several summers ago. I nearly cried when Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally get Potterwatch over the radio and hear Lee Jordan’s familar voice. And I did cry, wept uncontrollably actually, as Harry dug Dobby’s grave while “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” played softly in the background. I’m completely in awe of J.K. Rowling’s ability to create such an intricate world that though magically is completely realistic. It’s pretty hard to make someone weep over a fictional elf. The descriptions of horcruxes and hallows leave my mind reeling to think it all came from one person’s head. I can only dream of that level of creativity.

That being said, if I want to have it finished by Friday I’ve got to get back to my fort, where my fictional friends are waiting for me, ready to break into Gringotts!


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  1. I bought the book when it came out and was glued to it for an entire weekend. I did nothing but read! After the disappointment of The Half Blood Prince movie, I’m cautiously optimistic of the impending debut of Deathly Hallows part 1. I do hope it lives up to the book. Let’s compare notes after we see it, yes?

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